Univ North – “Name the Crane” Competition

Univ North – “Name the Crane” Competition

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The new tower crane on site at Univ North has been named “Sparkle”, by Zoe Ryan.

Zoe is a nursery-aged artist who won our “Name the Crane” competition. Organised with University College, Oxford (Univ) and the University of Oxford’s Childcare Services, run by Kids Planet. The participants coloured in a picture of a crane and suggested a name, which would be displayed on the crane on site. Zoe’s winning entry showed a very creative use of art materials and reflected the name she had chosen for the crane.

The name, “Sparkle”, now adorns the side of the crane.  Zoe’s artwork and that of another four highly commended entries from the children have been displayed on hoarding at the Banbury Road entrance to the Univ North development. In addition, another 38 entries from equally creative children can be viewed online on the Univ North website.

Name The Crane Entries Univ Website
SDC Univ North (7) (1)

SDC has been on site at the Univ North development since the beginning of last year. Works including site preparation, contemporary extensions demolishing buildings, pouring new foundations, creating new access paths, and much more has already taken place.

Once complete, the Univ North scheme will include new energy efficient buildings, with up to 150 study bedspaces, gym, café, study, and meeting spaces, as well as nursery provision. The scheme is renovating existing buildings, rejuvenating heritage orchards, and will offer beautifully landscaped gardens to the Univ North community, where Univ’s students have been living for 50 years.


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