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What We Provide:


Your existing units can be transformed either on site or or off site. Exteriors are completely modernised and interiors fully updated to serve your current and future requirements, all with the peace of mind our 10 year warranty provides.

New Build Units

Manufactured at SDC's dedicated facility we will build modular accommodation of any configuration to meet your individual specifications.

Relocation or Temporary Storage

If you have modular accommodation that you wish to continue using but at a different site, we can oversee its relocation for you. For short periods you may find your modular accommodation surplus to requirement. As required SDC Accommodation Solutions can remove, store and return these at a later date.

Purchase or Hire

A permanent or temporary solution tailored to your precise requirements for purchase, with buy back options or short and long term hire

Should any element of your accommodation be of no further use we can break it down and remove it swiftly and safely.

Our holistic approach to accommodation solutions also includes:

Site Surveys
Planning and Planning Consents
Statutory Approvals
Structural Foundation Requirements
Ancillary Structures
Furniture and Equipment
All Services Testing and Commissioning


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